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When Soph released her Extra Spice palette, it got me dreaming about my own collab in the future. If it’s going to happen (when I’m richer and more famous), it’ll most likely be with Revolution, considerig 99% of my reviews are from that brand. For fun, I decided to whip up a palette in photoshop. It’s the colours I’d love to have in a palette, that I think I would want to use every single day. It’s not perfect – I don’t think I’d ever be 100% happy with anything I made and the colour selection doesn’t neccesarily ‘go’ together – but a girl can dream.


my dream palette

As I was inspired by the Soph x Revolution palette, I decided to borrow the layout of the first palette. On the front of the packaging I would choose a matte dusky pink colour, complete with gold metallic stars and mauve peonies decorating the edges. The palette name would be All-in-One, representing the fact that there’s all of the eyeshadow shades you would ever need, all in one palette.


my dream palette

I wanted the palette to be able to be split in half – half neutrals and everyday shades, and half bright, fun and colourful shades. You can either mix the two or stick to the two sides! Of course the colours aren’t as beautiful as they would be in real life (I just used the fill tool in photoshop for the mattes and the chalk tool for the shimmers) but this should hopefully give you an idea of what I’d want in my dream palette. I’ve obviously gone for more mattes than shimmers, as I tend to find I use mattes more often.

ROW ONE (l-r)
  1. Milkshake, a matte off-white. Such a handy shade to have. The name is inspired by my love of vanilla milkshakes.
  2. Beach, a champagne shimmer. Champagne is used by so many people as a lid or highlight shade. The name is inspired by my home town, which is on the beach.
  3. Kitten, a pale rose gold shimmer. Inspired by my kittens of course and this is a shade I use on the lid often.
  4. Sebastian, a dusky lavender matte. One of my favourite colours for the crease. Inspired by my Lavender Masque corn snake, Seb.
  5. Dupe, a pale purple shimmer with pale blue reflects. Directly inspired by a shade in the Morphe 35P palette, plus my channel grew with all my dupe videos!
  6. Wizardry, a bright fuschia matte. A fun shade to play with. I needed something related to Harry Potter in my palette!
ROW TWO (l-r)
  1. Beardo, a matte taupe. A very handy everyday shade for the transition. Inspired by my husband’s glorious beard.
  2. Figaro, a light brown matte. Inspired by my parents and their love of the Nissan Figaro, particularly the Topaz Mist shade. Topaz is my birthstone. The shade is very neutral and perfect for a quick look.
  3. Hazelnut, a darkish brown matte. Basically a darker version of Figaro for brown smokey eyes. Named after my other corn snake, Hazel.
  4. Break the Rules, a navy blue matte. This is named after a few things – my ‘beauty guru rules I break’ video where I talked about why I’d never be a proper beauty youtuber and also the fact that navy blue is a rare colour to be seen.
  5. Mermiad, a turquoise matte. I couldn’t not include this colour, as it’s beautiful and so much fun. I wanted to be a mermaid when I was young.
  6. Creative, a turquoise shimmer. In my head, this is the same as the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe turqouise shimmer! It’s called creative because this kind of colour makes me feel that way.
  1. Comfort Zone, a dusky pink matte. Named this way because it’s my most reached-for shade; I used it so often so it’s definitely in my comfort zone!
  2. Tortoiseshell, a dark brown matte. Every palette needs a dark brown! This is named after my kitten, Ellie (who is tortoiseshell).
  3. Ambition, a dark gold shimmer. This colour always looks lovely on the eyes. Named after my ambitions, of course!
  4. Awkward, a dark purple matte. I used to use a lot of purples in my eye looks, so this is a throwback to that. I’m a generally awkward person, hence the name.
  5. Chromeo, an icy silver shimmer. I couldn’t have a gold and not a silver for more cool toned looks! I thought Chromeo was a good mix between chrome (ie silver) and Romeo (love).
  6. Moonlight, a matte grey. It’s rare that you actually see a nice grey matte in a palette, so I thought I’d include it in mine. This is named after my favourite song, which is Dancing in the Moonlight by Toploader.
ROW FOUR (l-r)
  1. Journal, a dark mauve matte. Another shade I gravitate towards on an everyday basis. It’s called journal because I use a bullet journal every single day.
  2. Bargain, a muted mustard matte. Mustard is another favourite I use frequently, usually paired with warm browns or greens. It’s well known that I love a bargain!
  3. Boing, a ‘baby poo’ matte. I didn’t know how else to describe this colour. It’s a pukey brown! Not pretty on its own, but paired with other colours looks great. Boing was my childhood teddy.
  4. Bee, a bright yellow matte. I needed yellow in my palette; I use it all the time in bright looks! It’s called Bee because that’s my nickname and I love bees.
  5. Ginger, a bright orange matte. I couldn’t have a yellow and not include an orange! It’s named after my ginger tabby, Percy.
  6. Ketchup, a bright red matte. I didn’t have much choice but to include a red with the yellow and orange, even if it clashes with the purples and turquoises! It’s named after my love of ketchup with every single meal.

What would your dream palette look like?


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