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As with every single month, I bought some new makeup and I want to share with you what I got.

Disclaimer: I spend most of my income on makeup so I tend to get a lot of it, especially because I want to try and test new things on the blog and my youtube channel, so some might think my hauls are excessive, but please bear in mind that I spend 90% of my income per month (after bills, of course) on it – this is why I’m so broke!

primark makeup haul june.jpg

From Primark, I picked up some casual clothes (you can watch my Primark haul here) but I did end up picking up some Primark makeup ready for another Testing Primark Makeup video! I topped up my Lip Crayon collection with the shades Wine, Cocoa and Pillarbox Red (£2 each), picked up a new liquid strobing cream for £2, which is a pale pink and also found an eyeshadow palette with a Bronze theme, which was just £4. I’ll be doing another Testing Primark Makeup video in July!

essence makeup haul june

I’ve heard a lot about Essence makeup but it’s difficult to find unless you are lucky in a Wilko, so when I spotted it in Wilko whilst on a shopping trip I knew I had to pick some up! I got a mascara (which is amazing, by the way), a pressed powder, some matte lipstick/gloss (which I forgot to photograph), a matte blush and two lipliners (which I also forgot to photograph). Each product was £3 or under! I also got a lip balm, a blush and a bronzer from the Elf sale.

makeup revolution makeup haul junemaybelline sleek makeup haul june

I got quite a lot of little bits in Superdrug across 2 orders and a trip to my local store! I got the Makeup Revolution Amplified palette, a Sleek blush in the shade Rose Gold, a Makeup Revolution blush palette, a Makeup Revolution eye palette, a Freedom empty magnetic palette, a Makeup Revolution Skin Kiss highlighter in Ice Kiss (again, I forgot this one), two Makeup Revolution blush singles, a Maybelline strobing liquid and strobe stick, and a Maybelline mascara.

ebay amazon makeup haul june

Finally, I picked up The Ordinary’s Coverage foundation (there’s a review here), some eBay false lashes, a 99p Amazon fan brush and a really cheap £2.99 palette from Amazon, which is surprisingly good! If you want to see a haul of all the bits I’ve picked up from this month (and some from last month), there’s a haul here!


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