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I love good quality, affordable makeup. There’s no need to spend mountains of money on higher-end products when drugstore makeup is getting the same results! Of course, it’s all down to personal preference and your particular budget, but you can’t deny that cheaper makeup brands are really upping their game at the moment. Get a cuppa and a pen ready (to write down things for your wishlist) – this is going to be lengthy one.

best affordable makeup and skincare

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primark best makeup buys

I’ve bought a lot of Primark’s beauty range to test out and I’ve been impressed by quite a few products. The PS Pro section is great, the £2.50 foundation is my Holy Grail, the Bronze range is nice and the highlights (especially the ABH glowkit dupes), the lipliners and lip crayons feel like high-end products. It’s all cruelty-free under every product is £6 and under! It’s well worth a look.

new look beauty best

New Look has recently-ish brought out a great range of makeup that is rumoured to be made in a similar way to MAC. The lipsticks are phenomenal and I also love the stick foundation. They do have a Fix+ dupe that a lot of people have raved about and a good selection of other products to choose from.

olivia hale makeup

Find this relatively unknown brand in Home Bargains! Makeup is just 99p and the tools are only slightly more expensive than that. I love the blushes in particular and the brushes and sponges are definite Real Techniques dupes; amazing quality for the price.

ebay false lashes and ebay brushes

I don’t recommend buying actual makeup from eBay as it’s most likely fake or unregulated, but you can find amazingly cheap brush sets, other makeup tools and quality lashes very easily. Makeup storage is also easy to find and very inexpensive, especially if you don’t mind ordering from China!


Miss Sporty often gets overlooked but it’s such an affordable brand, with everything under £5. Personally I love the foundation sticks for just £1.99 and the Insta Glow primer! They also have eyeshadow quads for very cheap too, which are great for a few quid. You can get Miss Sporty in Superdrug and Boots.

Found at Boots, Natural Collection has makeup that is all £1.99 or less! The powder and blushes are my favourite products in the range but the eyeshadows are surprisingly pigmented and the foundations would be better for someone slightly darker than me (I’m too pale for the lightest shade!)

I don’t have any products from Barry M but the Cosmic Lights highlighter palette is divine (and a ABH dupe) and who can fault the Dazzle Dust? You can find Barry M in Superdrug and Boots!


I couldn’t do a Best Budget Buys list without mentioning Collection’s lasting perfection concealer! This concealer is great for coverage and is just £3.99. Collection also has some great lippies, eye palettes, and my personal favourites – pressed powders. Find them in Boots and Superdrug.

MUA is another budget brand, with many items for just £1 in Superdrug. They have such an amazing range of makeup, with the MUA Hydro Primer being my favourite drugstore product ever, the eyeshadow palettes looking absolutely gorgeous and the Bronzed Perfection bronzer being perfect for pale skin. They have some other great stuff, like highlights, blushes and lipsticks; it would be impossible to list all of the things I recommend in one post!


Makeup Revolution and the sister brands have been bringing quality makeup at excellent prices for a while now. You all should know by now that I love most of their stuff and end up getting new products each month! The Rose Gold and Iconic lipsticks are stunning (especially Chauffeur), the palettes are amazing for the price – my favourites are the Flawless 3 and the Amplified range – and there’s so many dupes of your favourite high-end products. I can also really recommend the highlighters, brow products and blushes! There’s so much stuff to choose from, so I recommend browsing the site and adding everything you like to your wishlist. I currently have £200 worth of products in mine!


The Ordinary strive to provide high quality skincare without the high end price tag by keeping packaging and product names very minimal. They have a huge range of products (including a new foundation and primer range) and they are also very helpful if you ask them for recommendations for your needs on their Facebook or Twitter. I recently reviewed their Coverage foundation and it’s well worth a look. You can get The Ordinary from various places, including Cult Beauty, Asos and Victoria Health, along with their own site.

Garnier is a common drugstore/supermarket skincare brand that consistently provide good results. Their sheet masks are divine and so hydrating (and only £1.50), their Clarifying Toner is the only thing that stops my breakouts, and they have the micellar water range that took the beauty community by storm. They’re really affordable and can be found in so many places, including Superdrug and Boots.

There are so many other affordable brands I could mention – Rimmel, Nyx – I think Nyx is probably the best quality brand in the drugstore – Maybelline, L’Oreal (sort of, some of L’Oreal’s stuff can get a bit pricey) – but we’d be here all day if I did. I did a video version of this blog post where I talk about a few more bits and everything in a bit more detail so if you want to watch that, you can find it here.

What’s your ultimate budget buy?



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