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Anti-Hauls always seem so dramatic and scandalous and tend to attract controversy, so I’ve been avoiding doing one on my blog or YouTube channel, but they’re something I really enjoy watching and reading so I decided to bite the bullet. As a disclaimer, this is all just my personal opinion and I’m not telling anyone to not buy anything I’ve mentioned in this list. Everyone has different opinions and that’s okay (mostly).

Racism in the makeup industry is something we’re talking about more and more in recent times which is both sad and great at the same time – it’s upsetting that it’s still a conversation that needs to be had, but great that it’s not being ignored. I am planning on writing a blog post in more detail about this very issue, but the first two items on my list are entire brands I won’t buy from because of problematic owners.

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Jeffree Star Cosmetics – I’m sure everyone knows the controversy surrounding YouTube star and Cosmetics brand owner Jeffree Star. Personally, I can’t support someone who has been so outwardly racist, sexist and transphobic and denies it all despite there being solid evidence. I know people change but the apology video that was uploaded blamed the comments he made on being bullied as a child, which just served to centre all attention and sympathy on himself rather than admitting he was in the wrong and wanted to learn. It came across very self-centred and false. I can’t buy cosmetics from someone like that, no matter how good the makeup is.

LimeCrime – This is another brand where the owner is problematic. Before the brand even launched Doe Deere (not her real name) launched legal action against a 13 year old, and after launch the beauty blogger community was awash with rumours that Lime Crime was repackaging wholesale makeup for a massive markup. Deere tried to sue or threatened legal action to many of these bloggers for their negative reviews. LimeCrime also sent an email newsletter out giving out a personal email address to a blogger who reviewed them negatively. There has been other issues, such as with cultural appropriation with the China Doll palette and subsequent non-apology, Deere dressing as Hitler, a hacked website where thousands of customers lost hundreds of dollars and were not reimbursed (LimeCrime denied this breach for a long time), harmful chemicals found by the FDA in their lipsticks, several racist comments, and not addressing public concerns and instead responding via Instagram comments.

The next two brands on the list aren’t for any personal reasons like LimeCrime or Jeffree Star, but they’re brands I don’t want to spend my money on for other reasons.

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KKW Beauty – I’m not a Kardashian-hater whatsoever; in fact I admire their business sense and how Kim has turned a pretty bad situation (the leaking of her sex tape) into an empire. However I don’t like the look of her new cosmetics brand. The products themselves look very average, yet the prices are very high. The bad reviews for the KKW contour sticks were enough to put me off completely!

Kylie Cosmetics – I know this is another ‘Kardashian’ brand, but I promise I don’t hate them! I just also think Kylie’s products are very overpriced for the quality and I’m not in love with the lip kit I do have – I actually think the Primark lipliners are better and the Revolution lip kits are just as good and are very much cheaper. It’s also a huge hassle getting Kylie’s products over from the US after customs and shipping cost.

The next items on my anti-haul are individual products. This isn’t a reflection of the entire brand, but just my opinions on these particular products!

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ABH Subculture Palette – I don’t think this will be a surprising addition to the list. The Subculture palette has been absolutely slaughtered in the YouTube reviews, with people complaining about fall-out or kick-back, powdery textures, shadows not blending and a change in ingredients compared to its sister palette, the Modern Renaissance. The colours in the palette aren’t particularly speaking to me and I wouldn’t use all of them at all. For £42, I want to be able to use every single shadow in a palette. I’m also put off by the negative reviews and the fact the formula has changed into something cheaper without the price reflecting that change. If I’m going to be investing a lot of money into my makeup, I want to be 100% certain that I’m getting a great palette.

Too Faced Gold Chocolate Bar – This has only been leaked and not officially announced yet, but I can tell you already that I won’t be getting it. Not only does it look like they’ve duped the I♥Revolution Gold Bar, the whole palette swatches look uninteresting and fully shimmery. I mean, Too Faced is also quite controversial in itself, too…

MAC Girls Palettes – To put it bluntly, these palettes look boring. I’ve never looked at anything MAC have put together and thought ‘Oh, wow, that looks so cool’. Everything seems pretty boring. I like the packaging of the palettes but the inside of them don’t thrill me even a tiny bit and I honestly think MAC is highly overrated.

Urban Decay Naked Heat – This one might surprise some people, as I love my warm toned palettes. Whilst I do think the Naked Heat palette looks stunning, I don’t think it’s innovative or different enough for me to spend almost £40 on it. A few of the shadows look near-identical to each other and there isn’t a large enough range to interest me.

Kat Von D Shade & Light Glimmer – This again is a fully shimmery palette with a fairly controversial brand behind it that I’m not going to be buying. I like my palettes to have a full look within them and 12 shimmer shadows aren’t doing that for me. I really like the look of the original Shade & Light palette (I have the Revolution dupe) but a glimmer version seems pointless.

Please remember that you’re free to enjoy and love whatever makeup and brands you want to, this is just my personal opinion on the things I don’t want to spend my money on! What’s on your anti-haul? I’d love to know!

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  • I completely agree about the MAC girls palettes they look so average and uncreative; I’ve never been particularly motivated to buy their eyeshadows bc it seems like they just recycle the same browns and stuff haha!


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