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The Anastasia Beverley Hills Modern Renaissance palette is arguably the most popular palette in existence right now. Every makeup lover I know owns it and raves about it, all the reviews of it are positive and it suits a huge range of people. I feel like the only one in existence that doesn’t own it! My reasoning for not buying it is that it’s pricey at £41 and I think there’s only one or two looks I could create with it. It’s a pretty palette and I like the shades, but there isn’t enough variety for me to drop that much moolah on it. Therefore, when I spot a Modern Renaissance dupe for under a tenner, I have to test it out. Ironically, if I hadn’t bought the dupes, I’d have enough (nearly) to buy the original palette. Here’s the five dupes I’ve found so far!


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UPDATE 💋 MY FINAL THOUGHTS! DUPE FOR ABH MODERN RENAISSANCE??? So guys, the top is the @byscosmetics Berries Palette and the bottom is the world famous @anastasiabeverlyhills Modern Renaissance Palette. Some of you are going to be like..what? FIRST the ABH palette is by far better quality, smoother creamier etc but when applying one palette to one eye and the other on my other eye you can NOT see a difference and the weirdest thing is the BYS palette actually lasted longer. The ABH palette has WAY more fall out, typical for soft beautiful shadows. The ABH shimmers were slightly more pigmented but the BYS shimmers were still smooth and nice(suprisingly) l. The ABH palette was like more of a pleasure to apply, it just blended effortlessly, the BYS palette took a little more blending but not much and surprisingly had great pigmentation. I am totally suprised, you can create the EXACT same looks with the BYS palette as the ABH palette, the ABH Is just nicer quality (and so it should be its nearly $100 in australia). If you cant afford that (most people cant) you will be happy with the BYS palette, they have TOTALLY stepped up their formula. BYS was the crappy chalky cheapo brand from random $2 shops and kmart etc but I am impressed and will totally use this palette. If you can afford the ABH palette then yes go for that, if not, you wont be disappointed in the BYS one Apparently BOTH palette according to my research are cruelty free! HIGH FIVE BYS! Helpful? Agree? Disagree? #byscosmetics #anastasiabeverlyhills #abhmodernrenaissance #bysberriespalette

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This is the only palette on the list I don’t own, due to BYS being an Australian brand that is very, very difficult to get in the UK. It retails for A$16.95 which is around £9.70. It contains 12 shades – two less than the ABH version – in a tin eyeshadow palette and has been compared to the Modern Renaissance in countless YouTube videos and blog posts. There’s the same warm browns and pinks. From reading reviews on various blogs, I get the idea that although it’s a fairly pigmented and blendable palette, it’s nowhere near the same quality as ABH and the packaging is bulky and awkward.



This is the newest dupe of the Modern Renaissance. We all know that Makeup Revolution/I Heart Revolution do a lot of dupes and the latest in the chocolate bar range of palettes was no exception. You get 16 shades in this palette, meaning we get two extras to play with and this palette is really nice quality for the £8.99 price. I’ve done a full review of this palette on the blog and on YouTube so if you want more detail, have a read or a watch.



The Flawless 3: Resurrection palette was my favourite palette all summer and it wasn’t until I’d used it a tonne of times that I realised it was a Modern Renaissance dupe. There’s a lot of shades (32!) compared to the 14 shadows in the ABH one, but you can definitely tell that it’s a dupe, especially from the bottom two shades. One of the shades is even called ‘The Renaissance’! Again, I do have a full review of this on my blog, so do check it out if you’re interested.



The next palette in the Flawless series, the Flawless 4, built on the warm shades in the Flawless 3 and made a much warmer and pinker-toned palette. This palette is less of dupe but is definitely still along the same lines. There’s some pinks and some warm brows like the Modern Renaissance so I’d still consider it a good dupe. There’s a review on my blog and on my YouTube channel.



This is probably the most obvious dupe of the Modern Renaissance palette as the pans are the same shape and in the same layout. There was even a similar-looking brush included and mirror. I previously haven’t enjoyed W7’s formula but they’ve updated it for this palette and it seems like a lot more pigmented and blendable. It’s not perfect, but it’s still really nice and a great affordable alternative at just £6.99 (it’s double the price on W7’s website but have a search on eBay or other online retailers or even W7’s Beauty Outlet for a bargain). I also have a review of this palette on my blog!

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