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In 2018, I decided to experiment a little and try out the blogger classic – a Project Pan series. If you’re not sure what project pan is, simply put: it’s trying to use up some products. Personally, I’m choosing 5 products at first and seeing how it goes. I’ll be using those products as much as possible for 5 weeks and seeing if I can empty them all, or if I can at least make a sizable dent. Not only will it help me decide whether I love the product or not, but will also help me declutter slightly, as my collection is looking rather large at the moment!


My first 5 products were chosen because they’re running low or I haven’t used them in ages and are as follows:

  1. Collection Primed & Ready Setting Powder in ‘Transparent’
  2. Primark Liquid Foundation (old packaging) in ‘Porcelain’
  3. Rimmel Fix & Perfect Primer
  4. Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara (sample)
  5. The Ordinary Moisturising Factors + HA

All of the items are/were favourites at some point, so I know I’ll enjoy using them rather than getting sick of putting the same thing on my face every day and it helps that they’re all running out anyway, so I can finally use them up!


project pan 2018 #1

The Collection Primed & Ready Invisible Setting Powder has already hit pan, but I want to completely finish it off. I love this powder and it’s always been a firm favourite, so I don’t think it’ll be difficult to project pan.

2018 project pan #1

I have about a quarter of the 35ml left in the tube of this foundation, but I also have a second tube of this that hasn’t been opened yet. Hopefully I can finally finish this so I can open that second tube!

rimmel fix & perfect primer

There’s probably around 1/5 of this Rimmel primer left. I haven’t had this for long, but I immediately fell in love with the texture and hydration. I know that as soon as this runs out, I’ll be getting another!

lancome monsieur big mascara sample

The Lancome Monsieur Big mascara is something I don’t really want to run out, as I’m enjoying it so much, but I know it needs using up. It’s really volumising and lengthening for my stubby and thin lashes which is why I love it, but I’ve had it for a while and it needs using! It’s too expensive for me to buy full-size, but at least I had a chance to try it.

the ordinary natural moisturising factors + ha

I probably have around a quarter of this left. I got this moisturiser almost a year ago in a LookFantastic Beauty Box and fell in love with how thick and moisturising it is. However, I’ve had so many moisturiser samples since then that I haven’t had a chance to use this one up!


I’ll update you with how I’m getting on in the next few weeks. Once a product runs out, I’ll be replacing it with something else so I’ll always have 5 products to use up – these may be skincare, haircare, perfume or makeup! I’m looking forward to this new series and I hope you are too. If you want to see a video about my 2018 project pan plans, check out the video below and subscribe for updates!

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