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We all know Morphe private-label their products. If you haven’t seen the ‘dupes’ of the most popular Morphe palettes floating around eBay and smaller, boutique makeup sites (like Lick+Lash or Delanci) then you must have been living under a rock with no WiFi. These generic palettes were made in the same factory as Morphe, as well as brands like Crown and some BH Cosmetics palettes, among others. So when I saw a palette for £2.99 (on Amazon; the seller is LyDia Beauty) in the same plain black packaging as we’ve all seen before, I had an inkling that it was probably the same sort of quality and from the same factories.


The palette consists of 15 matte shadows with a mix of warm, neutral and cool shades in the brown-red spectrum, with a pop of white too. I have about a million (slight exaggeration) palettes that look like this but for £2.99 I wasn’t going to not buy it. I mean, come on. The shades don’t have names but it did come in a cardboard sleeve with the ingredients (eerily similar to Morphe…) and a plastic sheet to protect the shadows.


The palette swatched pretty well, considering the price. Of course there were shades that didn’t work as well, and ones that felt dry or chalky, but I really can’t complain about them, considering they work out as around 20p per shadow. I didn’t have high hopes for the actual application, as such a cheap palette surely wouldn’t keep any sort of pigmentation, right? Well…


The shadows I used blended out so well and had just the right amount of pigmentation for my personal preferences. Of course, it cannot be compared to my more expensive or nicer formula palettes but I definitely do think it can be compared to Morphe. I love the colours in the palette and it has everything you need for an easy, everyday look except perhaps a light beige (or basically my skintone) to set eye primer – the white obviously won’t work for everyone!

Would I recommend this palette over Morphe? Maybe – if you are on a budget and can’t afford to shell out £23 on a Morphe palette, these £2.99 palettes are great to play with until you can.

I haven’t done a palette review in a while as I’ve been trying to avoid them, but I couldn’t resist reviewing this £2.99 one. There isn’t a ‘favourites’ post this month either, as I didn’t really use anything new, or find anything I really loved this month! Hopefully I’ll be back on track next month.

Let me know what you think of the palette and the price!

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